Sunday, August 07, 2005

Flashing speeds

We seem to be getting more and more flashing speed limit signs on roads now-a-days. Those ones where as you approach them, if you`re doing over the speed the light up to warn you what the limit should be. But, I wonder how effective they really are? I always get the feeling that once I`ve got past one without lighting it up, I can speed up!! I`m not saying I do this because that`s what I do (because I don`t), but it`s a sort of instinctive feeling that I`ve succeeded in not lighting it up, so now can go quicker, and it makes me wonder if others feel the same about them?

And the ones that annoy me, are the ones that flash at you long before you`ve got to where the limit starts – do they do that as a warning, or are they just incorrectly set up?!

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Who is this Dave? said...

And one that really annoys me, on the norwich-cromer road, just after you've moved from a 50 mph zone into a derestricted stretch (ie 60 mph) flashes if you're doing above 55. If they wanted to make that junction slower, why not just extend the 50 mph zone, rather than implying to everyone around that you're speeding, when you're not.