Sunday, February 01, 2009

Time is a Great Healer

"Time is a great healer"... I lost count of the number of people that said that to me on this day seventeen years ago, and in the following weeks. And I disbelieved it. Infact, it hurt me when they said that. In someways it felt uncaring, unsympathetic. I was feeling devastated - my Dad had just died - my world had fallen apart.

Yet, today I can say.... they were right. Time does heal - slowly, very, very slowly.
Today, I`m not feeling sadness. Time has eased the pain. Time has brought back many memories of happy times with my Dad. Memories of things I`d not thought about for years and years come back at various times, of times shared together, things he`d said, thing`s we`d done together, things he`d taught me - nothing can ever take them, and him, away from me.

I shall take some flowers up to his grave later today, and will be Thankful for having had such a dear and wonderful Dad.

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