Sunday, February 15, 2009

Help!! wanted!

I came home from my parent`s the other evening, unloaded the car, put the light on in the hall... and then I saw it.... a big, and I mean big, black spider. Now, as I think I`ve said before I hate spiders. I felt myself shake.

What on earth shall I do? I went in the front room and shut the door, but reason said to me, that`s no good, even if you wait for it to disappear, it might then go into the bedroom and climb on me during the night.... ughhhhhhhh. There was no one I could call.

I peeped out of the door, it was still there, looking menacingly at me, from its place at the top of the wall in the hall over the stairs. It had ofcourse, got in one of the most inaccessible places. Trembling, I went and got the hoover, fixing on the dusting pipe attachment, I hoped it would be long enough. I looked at the size of the diameter of the pipe, then at the spider. Would it fit in? I had dreadful visions, that instead of going down inside the pipe, it would end up running down and onto my arm.

Plucking up courage I made a quick, sharp thrust at the spider...... and..... the hoover sucked it up. Was I relieved! I stood there for about 5 minutes with the hoover still running and the pipe still held up straight above my head, just to make sure that it didn`t climb back out again. Then I hoovered all around the house, to make sure it was well and truly secure in the bag.

I just hope it hasn`t got a family that will come looking for it!


eija said...


Men are not good at this. So you'd need to think which one would you take: Dealing with the spider yourself or facing the man's scornful contempt over a "hysterical woman who pretends being afraid of the miserable spider".

Yeah I know. I too would choose the scornful contempt...

Z said...

You could have called me. Now I'm worrying about that poor helpless spider, which does no harm except to flies and woodlice, in that stifling hoover bag.

lorna (see throughfaith) said...

echoing what eija wrote ... (some) men are not good with spiders.

Shortly after we were barried hubby shouted out "Lorna, there's a spider in the bath!" ... and there was ... what I failed to realise was that he expected me to deal with it! And I did.

phobias are horrid ... and I'm glad you were able to face yours head on and dealt with this admirably. Your final comment made me laugh out loud - though I know it's not a laughing matter for you.

Ivy said...

I suppose it`s because Mum and I always used to shout for Dad when we found a spider that I automatically thought "I need a man" - I don`t know if he really liked them though.

Not, seen the rest of it`s family - yet - thankfully