Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Daylight Robbery!

There was daylight robbery going on across the street from where I was today.

I watched it from my office window. Yet, I don`t think anyone else saw it, as they busily went about their everyday business.

It wasn`t a job for the police.

For several days now, I`ve been watched two collared doves trying to build a nest on top of some poles under the eaves of the building opposite. The poles go onto a ledge around the building. These birds have been so busy, back and forwards, up and down picking up bits of small twigs. I`m intrigued to see if they will succeed, because as fast as they take up the building material, pieces seem to drop off down again. Then, I became aware of a different bird on the ledge - a pigeon, and it was "thieving" the bits of twigs as they dropped and flying off to a building about two futher along, and I guess using them to build it`s nest there. I had to admire it`s resourcefulness and cheekiness, but I felt sorry for the doves losing their hard earned bits.

Whether the doves will ever succeed in building a secure nest, I`m not sure, but I am so impressed with the persistance they have, and the amount of time they`ve been trying to do it. It made me realise how hard they do work. I`d love to see them have a nest there and watch it`s progress.

I got to thinking too - how many people had walked by on the pavements below, all totally unaware of what was going on above them. Just how much do we miss by being so busy with things that we don`t make time to look all about us. Ofcourse - when the birds dropped unwanted twigs onto the pavement, they may landed on a passer by who might look up and wonder where it had come from!!

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