Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I`ve been feeling helpless these last few days.

It`s obvious by looking at him that my little bird isn`t well. It`s so frustrating, worrying and sad, that he can`t tell me what`s wrong with him. He is still eating and drinking, so I suppose that is a good sign, but he`s definitely not himself. He just sits all fluffed out, and sleeping a lot. And, now he`s finding it difficult to jump onto his perches, he seems to miss them. I wonder if his eyesight is giving him a problem. - but I`ve never seen a bird with glasses on yet!

When he is awake, he keeps looking at me, as if to say please do something to help me, to make me better. But I don`t know what. I did get a bottle of bird tonic from the pet shop and have been adding that to his water, but so far, it doesn`t seem to have had much effect.

Perhaps I shall know more tomorrow. I called a neighbour in to see him this afternoon (he used to breed canaries), but Goldie was asleep when he came, so he`s going to pop back tomorrow and have a look at him for me.

I`ve infact been dreading coming down in the mornings, as to whether I would find him still alive or not. I do hope he recovers from whatever it is that is wrong. He`s only about a year old.


eija said...

Oh poor Goldie... Maybe you should call a vet?

Z said...

Poor little chap.

Ivy said...

Thanks, for suggestion eija, but I don`t think a vet would be any better than the expert neighbour. He thinks that Goldie has gone blind, and doesn`t hold out much hope for him. But, he is still eating & sleeping, although stays on the bottom of his cage now, and looks poorly and sorry for himself.

eija said...

I'm so sorry, Ivy :(