Saturday, January 17, 2009


What colour are you today?

Not literally your skin!..... what colour are you wearing?

Looking out of the office window several times this week, for want of something better to do!, I noticed something. They were mostly grey dull days, and even on the odd sunny day 99.9% of the people I saw passing were all wearing black or very dark coloured clothes. It almost seemed to be a uniform - black coats, black trousers, black jackets, black umbrellas carried, black... (no I`m not in the city, just an ordinary town). A very few had dark brown or dark grey on. Not one bright colour did I see. It looked very depressing - and set me thinking.....

....Why don`t we wear bright or light coloured clothes in winter? It would do so much to cheer up dull days and lift everyone`s spirits.

What colour was I wearing?... blue, and my jacket was a light beige. But then - I`m often the "odd one out"!

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Z said...

Yesterday, a black skirt and maroon jacket, because I had to look businesslike but didn't want unrelieved black. Today, terracotta trousers and navy top.

I think it's because there's so much wet and dirt around in winter and if we go out in a light skirt and get a mud splash on it, we feel conspicuous all day, whereas it doesn't show on a dark material and it can be sponged off later. Winter clothes are more likely to need dry-cleaning and if you have to do it every time you wear them (because sponging leaves a water mark) then it costs a fortune!