Sunday, January 18, 2009

Goodbye - and - Welcome

I came downstairs yesterday morning, to find that my little Goldie had died. It was sad, yet I guess the kindest thing for him, as he was obviously suffering so much in the last few days.

I gently lifted him and placed him in a tissue lined container, and he will be buried in our back garden, by our helpful gardener when he comes next week. Then I thoroughly cleaned the cage and disinfected it.

In the afternoon, my parent and I just went to "look" in a nearby garden centre`s pet section..... and ... there were three canaries for sale, so .... there is now a new inhabitant here!

I haven`t decided on a name yet - he`s a nice bright yellow, but has one dark brown wing and a few patches of dark coloured feathers on him. He`s very cute. Yes.. it is a "he". We asked at the shop if they were hen or cock birds, and the assistant said she thought this one was a cock as they thought they`d heard him singing a few notes. She was right. He seemed to settle quickly into his new home, and even sang me a few notes so I look forward to hearing a lot more song from him. Just need to decide on what to call him. It needs to be a different name to any we`ve had before, because Mum says it`s supposed to be unlucky to use the same name twice.

When he`s more settled and used to being here, I`ll try and post a photo of him.

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eija said...

Oh, poor Goldie :(

A new friend is a good thing - hope yours brings you a lot of joy!