Saturday, December 27, 2008


Thought I`d share with you today a look at the Christmas Presents I received. As you can see there are a lot of chocolates and biscuits!

These are a close up of some of my favourites from the presents.
I think the present that surprised me most was when I went into the office where I work on the Friday before Christmas and found a box of chocolates and a box of biscuits with a Christmas card from my boss. That really made my day as it was so unexpected.

And, below is the oddest present I received. I still can`t work out, why the chap gave me a ball of string and a set of record cards!, along with 2 hand warmers and a set of playing cards. - very odd.

Wonder what other bloggers favourite, surprise, and oddest presents were?


Z said...

When one of Al's employees retired, a customer gave her a set of dishcloths as, he said, she'd have more time for housework now.

Kelly said...

Odd or interesting!

Is he a practical sort of chap, who might be looking for a game of gin rummy?