Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mind blank

My mind has been a complete blank on what to write on here the last few days - and I`m still stuck for inspiration.

Wonder what that says about me?...

...maybe that my life is uninteresting? - yet, I don`t feel that it is, well not to me anyway. I`m very contented with it. Maybe I just feel its too "ordinary" to write about; that it wouldn`t make interesting reading.

....What have I been doing over the last few days?...... well, I had friends here for lunch and tea on Sunday, which was nice, but it doesn`t really give much to write about, does it? It`s actually nice being able to have people here and "entertain" now, something I`ve never been able to do before in that way.. and since I`ve had the lounge redecorated, I feel comfortable to have people in too - the room is not now a "furniture warehouse" in the way it used to feel and look.

....I also met a blog friend, Lorna, for a short time on Sunday, and that was really good.

...I`ve been working each day - so not much to write about there. Except,- I`d like to know why it is that when I`m checking lists of figures against others on the computer screen that have to match, that if there`s a mistake in them, its almost always towards the end of the last page - which means that I have to close the computer programme, correct the wrong figure and then go through the whole sheets again! Why can`t the mistake (if there has to be one I`ve made previously) be in the first few lines of work?!

I`ll see if I can "do better" with something to write in a day or two.... or maybe even tomorrow - but as they say "tomorrow never comes" - maybe that`s why they also say "don`t put off till tomorrow what you can do today".

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lorna (see throughfaith) said...

it was lovely to see you too .. sorry it really was such a short 'hello'... the service of St.Andrew's day was lovely. I do like your church :)