Tuesday, December 30, 2008


To round up a "loose end", if anyone wondered what on earth I was talking about in this blog post the other day, I`ll explain.

I don`t know what brought it back to mind, except seeing one word..... it goes back many, many, many, many years, to when I was a small child. Well, perhaps not so many! I remember my Dad one day picking up a milk bottle - yes milk came to the doorstep in glass bottles in those days!, and from it he read aloud "Cows ought not to eat nasty turnip stalks".

"Where did you see that", I remember asking

"On the bottle" was his reply, with a smile.

I took the bottle from him and scrutinised it all round. I can`t see that written on there, I said to him puzzled "where does it say that?"

After teasing me a bit longer, he took it from me, and pointed to a word - "there" he said, pointing to the word.

Cows Ought Not To Eat Nasty Turnip Stalks
or, if you look at it another way....
Sam Takes Nancy Every Tuesday Night Out Courting !!

Yes, it was the word - Contents.

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Z said...

Funny, the things that stay in your mind, isn't it?

My yoghurt pot has 'Contents - Milk' on it, but I didn't know there was a 'contents' label on a milk bottle. We still get our milk delivered in bottles though.