Friday, July 25, 2008

Today`s the Day

Yes, today`s the day we`ve been waiting for. A bed arrives and my parent can move into her new home.

But, why, or why does it always fall that everything happens on the same day?

To start the day, I`ve some removal men coming to move Mum`s two big electric chairs (no not to electrocute her!) from here to there. That was ok, because I can still get back here for something I want to go to later this morning. But then I`m told the bed will be delivered between 9 a.m. and 12 noon. - now that`s the problem - we desperately want the bed, but I also want to be able to attend the service I attend on a Friday, because its a special one today in a way. The fridge and tv and the little cooker (if its arrived at the shop), will be delivered this afternoon. I was going to get Mum to move her mid afternoon - but the place she`s going to has a big retirement party on for a member of staff from 2 p.m., so will be packed and there won`t be much likelihood of parking there. Then there`s event at our church in the evening which I need to be at, as I`ve partly been responsible for arranging it. -

What a day it`s going to be. I feel tired before I start!

I`ve (I hope), worked out solutions......The Care place is kindly going to let the furniture delivery men in. I`m getting them to let the chairs in too, because if I go to let them in and the bed arrives before I get away, I could be stuck for getting back here for the service. Then I`ll go over there after that, take myself a picnic lunch and stay until the fridge and tv arrive. Then collect my parent, but not take her there till about 4.30-5p.m. Then either stop and have tea there, or go back and collect her for the evening event and take her back after. She doesn`t have to be in by a certain time, I have checked that out.

Wish me luck that all goes to plan.


Lani said...

Thinking of you today and hoping everything goes as smoothly as possible. You'll be able to sleep when it's all over. ;) Hugs.

Z said...

I'm a bit late I'm afraid - however, at least it's all over. Hope it went well.