Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ten Tons Lighter

I feel ten tons lighter.

No, I`ve not been on a slimming diet, I got some keys yesterday.
The keys to my mothers new flatlet in the Care accommodation she`s moving into. What a weight that feels to be lifted off me. In fact, two separate people this week have said to me "you look so much better" "really different", "a different person". And I feel it.

Yesterday I went into the flatlet and (you`ll laugh at this) took lots of strips of white paper, two tape-measures and measurements of some furniture from here. Getting down on my knees on the floor, I carefully measured and then made outlines of the white paper strips to see how things would fit in. One of the staff came in to speak to me as I was doing it, looked at what I was doing and said "I`ve never seen that done before! What a good idea!, what an organised person you are". I`ve never moved house (as I think I`ve said before on here), but it seemed a logical thing to me to do.

Now, the test comes this morning, when shortly I`ve two men and a van coming to move some of the lighter furniture items over to there for me. But, Mum can`t move in yet, because the bed we`ve ordered won`t come until next week. Still, it will give me time to get everything else in place for her. I hope!


Anonymous said...

What? Not everyone does that?

Haha - I do it too. Even so that I draw the outlines of the room in a scale on a paper - and then make small "furniture" in the same scale and cut them out of the paper - so I can "furnish" my paper room in many ways to see how things work.

Only these days I do it on the computer, it's easier and quicker :D

Ivy said...

Yes, I too did it on a sheet of paper first to and cut out all the furniture shapes, then did this to confirm I`d got it right!

It amused me that the chap moving the furniture on Saturday, when I opened the door and he saw all the paper on the floor said exactly the same words as the person the day before - "I`ve never seen that done before"!!