Sunday, July 13, 2008

Good News

I heard at last this week that my parent has been allocated a place in a care housing complex just a short way from where I live. It`s a lovely light, bright, purpose built modern building where she will have her own flatlet - sitting room with kitchenette, bedroom and beautiful big bathroom. I quite envy her the bathroom!

My mother seems happy about it. I think she feels a lot easier knowing that at the press of a button or pull on a cord there will be someone there 24/7 for anything she needs.

So now it`s thinking of what furniture and household items she can take from here, what will fit in, and what she needs to buy. I`ve been out this week and bought curtain material and an aunt is kindly going to make them up for her.

What a relief it all is, I feel that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


Z said...

I'm very glad for you, and for her.

Actually, the uncertainty might not have been a bad thing as far as her attitude to the change is concerned (though an added strain on you). With the prospect of a care home quite some way away as an alternative, this is a positive move for her, whereas if it had been what was suggested all along, she might have resented you saying you couldn't manage her at home any more.

eija said...

Slowly catching up my blog reading...

This is wonderful news! Hoping she'll feel soon "at home" in her new beautiful place :)

And see? God has all in His hands. He has the way out of any dead end even when to us it seems impossible. He didn't say in vain that we shouldn't worry about tomorrow. Praise the Lord!

seethroughfaith said...

is this next to the methodist church? my mum lives there you know :)

Ivy said...

No, it`s about 4 miles from home, just under a 10 minute drive - unless I get stuck behind a tractor!!