Monday, May 12, 2008

Red or White?

This jug and the colour of the curtain behind it, got me thinking about the first miracle of Jesus when he turned water into wine.

Whenever that miracle it portrayed in film, or in illustrations, the wine is always shown as red wine. But, I got to thinking - was it red wine, would it have been red wine or white wine? In the Bible story, afer Jesus told the disciples to fill the jars with water and take them to the master of the banquet to taste (John 2: 7-9) the water had been turned into wine.

It seems more logical to me to think that the when they poured the water out for the master of the banquet to taste, that it still looked clear like water, and that the water had actually became white wine. After all, wouldn`t there have been more written about the servants reaction if they`s poured the wine out for the master to taste and it had come out as red, and not as white?

I know that for film/illustrations it`s more dramatic to show red as the contrast - but which would it really have been?


Z said...

I don't know, though I bet Dave will. All I do know is that when I took Communion at the cathedral, it was white port, which just seemed wrong.

Lani said...

Never thought about it, but it does make more sense. I like thinking that if we (in a spiritual sense) are faithful to fill our waterpots(reading the Bible/meditating and praying), Jesus is faithful in turning it into wine (making it richer and more meaningful to us).

Lani said...

p.s. That is a beautiful jug, by the way.

Lorna said...

good question :)