Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Favourite beauty

Having posted a photo of a beautiful flower in our garden last week, I just have to follow that up with a picture of my favourite flower. Also in the garden.

Of all the flowers there are, the Lily of the Valley is my favourite. It`s so dainty, its bells all so perfect and so pettily shaped. It looks so fragile, yet is so strong.

And, it has a wonderful perfume. So amazing for the size of the flowers is the strength of perfume which exudes from it. I put just 6 stems of it in a vase and it has perfumed the room, and it`s not a perfume that quickly fades, it lasts for several days.

Lily of the Valley is top of my favourite flower list. Wonder what tops others lists?


Lani said...

These are gorgeous. I think my favorite has to be the phaleonopsis orchid.

eija said...

I love those too, but can't take them inside because of the strong perfume. In Finnish it's kielo (ki as in "kid", e as in "end" and lo as in "low" - this is the best I can do to explain the pronounciation to you!)