Monday, April 28, 2008


It seems as if spring could be here at last. On Saturday, for the first time this year, it was pleasant to walk about outside without a coat on - what a lovely feeling that is, I always find, the first time I do it each year.

And the wild-life seem to think its spring too, judging by the way we`ve got four Greenfinches darting about our garden, from feeders with sunflower seeds in to feeders with bird seed in. And, what joy it was to spot a rarer Goldfinch flit across the garden and perch on the fence for a short while too.

Driving up a road on a housing estate in the town, I had to stop the car to let a squirrel cross! it darted out from one kerb, then sat in the middle of the road looking at me, so I just had to wait and let it finish crossing the road.

Then, yesterday as I came away from a churchyard, a rabbit decided to do the same thing! jumped out of the hedgerow and got in the road, again making me stop until it got to the other side. Looking at the playing field and grass nearby I saw that there were a lot of them all enjoying munching on the grass in the sunshine.

And the final sighting of wildlife in the sunshine, was as I drove towards my house, (in a built up street), a toad was slowly making its way across the pavement. I had to stop before I could reverse the car into my drive to let it get out of the way........ well, I think it got out of the way!

So, I think spring is definitely here.


Leigh said...

This post is so lovely! (Except for the possible loss of the frog!) I love watching the critters!

Lani said...

I hope you're right. We have cold and rainy where we're at, but no snow. This has been the strangest April. Your descriptions, though, made it feel warm and sunny for a moment. *happy sigh*

eija said...

...and you seem to be a regular life-saviour :D

The oh, so lovely spring is here, too. The birds are screaming so loud that sometimes it hurts my ears. This morning it was 15C and a lovely scent of morning dew in the air - and for tomorrow and Thursday they've forecasted 20C !!!

Lorna said...

just heard about David East :( such a shame!