Friday, April 04, 2008

It`s Going Well

I`ve now been working in my new office, at my new job for just over a week, and am thoroughly enjoying it. The work at present has been similiar to quite a bit of what I am used to doing, as we catch up on a backlog of it from other places. But, then I look forward to learning to do new and different items too.

After years of working in a dark space with no window, I now have daylight! A huge window which the sun streams through, and an outlook onto the world below. It`s amazing the things you see too when no-one knows you`re watching them!

I still can`t believe my luck in getting the job.

The only problem.... if you can call it a problem, is my parent!..... whilst everyone who knows about it is pleased for me and congratulates me, not one such word have I had from her. All she keeps saying is about me working slightly different hours, and will I get all the housework etc., done for her that way. Can`t I have a life of my own??


Lani said...

A window with sunshine makes a huge difference. I went from a corporate cubicle to my own office with two large windows to let the sunshine in and I thought I was in heaven even when I was working! ;) Sorry about the parent. Sometimes we get self-absorbed and forget to be happy for each other. She maybe will come around. Change gets harder for us the older we get.

Leigh said...

I am happy you have light! I am sorry about the parent also! But, this is about you, so enjoy till she comes around.