Thursday, April 17, 2008

All say Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh

It`s not been a good week for us. First Mum had a fall, and now I had a slight mishap with my car this morning.....

I was trying to park in a space along the road between two cars (I always like to find an end space, but there wasn`t one). It was big enough to get in, but somehow I couldn`t get the angle right, and on deciding to give up, and find another space, as I was trying to get out onto the road, from being halfway in the space, I just caught the corner of the0 back bumper of the car in front of me. I got out, (ofcourse, no-one about at that time of morning, so I left a note under the windscreen wiper of the car, to say that I was sorry and left my phone number to ring me after 5p.m if they wanted, but no-one has yet.

Looking at my car, once I`d got into a bigger space further down the road, I found I`d got quite a scratch down the passenger side of my car. I was so mad with myself. So, it was off to the garage after work. Anyway, I saw the chap that I always deal with, and he said well it`s only a lump of metal! (why do we get so sentimental over our cars?..... or is it only me that does?) but he was helpful and he said I`d be better to do it through my insurance, so I then went and saw that chap there and he made a phone call and sorted it for me, now I just have to wait for a call in the morning from the garage who are going to deal with it.

I`m still mad with myself.


Lani said...

What a bummer, Ivy. I'm so sorry. Totally understandable to feel bad about it even if it is a lump of metal... it's your new car. Craig and I always figure on something happening in the first months after we get it... just to break it in, you know. With our last car, we hit a deer and had some major damage to repair. Nothing yet with this one so far - except for a door ding. Knock on wood. Anywayz... I'm sorry it's not been the best week for you. :(

Leigh said...

Oh bless your heart! What a bad time you have had lately!

Hopefully, this will help! I have given you a much deserved award, just pop over to my blog and pick it up.

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Lorna said...

forgive yourself -it's only a car and you weren't hurt. that's the main thing.

FIL did something similar when taking DD to the hospital on Thursday. He's still muttering about what a fool he was. Two cars - both pensioners- reversed without looking properly!

accidents do happen!