Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Shopping Trip

I took Mum shopping again on Saturday as she wanted a new radio/cd player, and one with a remote control to save her having to get up to put it on and off etc. We went to a biggish store and after looking round were unsure which machine had the necessary functions we needed so we found a young salesman and asked him about what we were looking for.

After reading the boxes, he pointed out a couple on the shelves which he said had remote controls, so we chose one of them. We got it home, unpacked it and set it up, only to discover that the on/off switch on the actual machine is located on the back of it, which isn`t really a very clever idea is it?, and that the remote control only operates the CD player part of the machine and doesn`t work for the radio, nor to turn it off and on, nor to adjust the volume. Not exactly what we wanted for ease of use.

So, that will mean another trip to the shop to change it. Isn`t life difficult? Surely it would be common sense to put an on/off switch on the front or top, and make a remote control that operates the whole machine. Or, is that asking too much?


Lani said...

How perfectly annoying. I drove 25 miles one way to pick up a couple of rugs on Saturday only to find they had delivered the wrong ones. Gah.

Leigh said...

I am with Lani, annoying! Someimes, I wonder why can't anything be easy?!?!? Best of luck on the next try!