Monday, April 21, 2008

Retail therapy

Last Friday, after taking my little car to be looked at, to see about curing the scratch and dent that the poor thing had suffered, I decided as I was near the city, to have a wander round the shops and do a bit of shopping.

I needed some more skirts and tops, now that I don`t have to wear a uniform to work, I felt I should treat myself to a bit of a smarter, new look. So off I went to the clothes shops. The first one had nothing I liked, nor had the second, or the third or the fourth nor the firth .....nor......
Everything of reasonable price, just didn`t look like me, it was all for young slim girls. A lot of the "fashion" for this summer looks like it needs a good iron. Yes, I know its meant to look like that, but I don`t like it, and it certainly wouldn`t suit me. Skirts were either too short or way too long, blouses had necks that were almost indecent, and were all in a creased, crinkle fabric!

Why is it, that I can see other people wearing clothes and think I like that, yet I can`t find anything suitable in the shops??

Am I really so difficult to please with clothes? Or do others find the same.

I did however enjoy my unexpected browse round the shops in the city on my own, something I`d not done for a long time. So, it was good in a way, even though I came home with only a couple of items.


Leigh said...

Oh, sorry your shopping did not go so well! I am picky but I finally found a great place that I love! I think I would wear everything they have, so I am thrilled!! Wishing you the same type of shop!!

I am glad you enjoyed the browsing!

We have felt some earthquakes here and I thought of you! I had never felt one before and it was a little scary!

Lani said...

Clothes shopping can be a pain. And options vary from season to season. Try online.

Lorna said...

blouses had necks that were almost indecent,

almost ???

some are postively indecent - but then call me old-fashioned.