Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Take three seeds.....

Take three seeds ...... and see what happens.

I wrote the other day (and posted a picture) of seedlings that I`d got growing from just three seeds that were given to me a couple of weeks ago. But those three seeds have done far more than growing a couple of plants!

I felt so inspired by them that they recultivated my interest in setting and growing things, along with the feel of the springlike weather and plants bursting into life in the garden. So off I went to a nearby garden centre last Saturday and home I came with 4 packets of flower seeds and carrot, beetroot, lettuce seeds and runner bean seeds too! A huge bag of compost (which I don`t think now that I should have lifted because I`ve had a pain somewhere ever since), and a few other sundries which I couldn`t resist!

Now, I`ve not got a lot of space in the garden because when I gave up growing things I had it all put down to grass with shrubs in the borders. So, although I found a few spare feet of ground to set some seeds in, I`ve experimented with setting some of the vegetable seeds in pots stood in the garden..... whether they`ll grow and produce a crop, I don`t know, but it will be fun to try.

Having just gone to water them, I see that some of the sweet pea seeds are starting to sprout already in their little individual pots. Isn`t nature wonderful.

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