Saturday, April 21, 2007


Standing idly looking out of my kitchen window yesterday morning, I became aware of a blackbird busily pecking away at something on the gravel and then dashing across under the shrubs in the border, then back he would go again to peck at the item again, and repeated the process several times.

I looked harder at the base of the shrubs, and then I spotted the reason for its activity, it had a young fledgling hidden away, and was feeding it there.

I went and got my camera to try and take some photos, of this lovely sight just outside my window. I didn`t want to frighten the bird or its young, so I daren`t go outside to take them, (which is why the photo`s look slightly misty) but managed to get these shots of them. The youngster, seeming to get fed-up waiting for its parent, hopped along a bit into this clear space and stood looking up at me, for a few seconds before going back to the safety of being hidden by the foliage for its parent to feed it.

It really was a wonderful sign to me that Spring is here.

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