Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Life

I decided last week, to give myself a weeks "holiday" from Blog writing, hence no posts last week. But now, I`m back to it, and will try to keep things interesting!

My Dad, although not a keen gardener, always used to grow vegetables in our back garden (although he didn`t eat vegetables himself), and on Good Friday each year, weather permitting, he set the seed potatoes and carrot and beetroot seeds, and I spent many happy hours over the years on that day helping him.

The other week, in church, we were given some seeds, compost and plastic cup as part of the theme of the service, so I kept mine to set on Good Friday... and here is the stage they have reached since then. There were three seeds, so hopefully the other one will germinate soon.

It`s several years since I set any seeds, but the wonder of the way something so dead looking can come to life, is still a miracle to me when I look at these tiny green leaves and stems.

I`ll from time to time over the next weeks give updates on their progress.

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