Friday, February 02, 2007

Peace, Beauty & Tranquility

It was too nice to be indoors this afternoon, the sun was shining and it felt more like a spring day than a day at the start of February, and I felt the need for some "space" and time by myself, so I went to a nearby nature reserve

It was so beautiful walking the paths between the different lakes, stopping to look at the many ducks and wildfowl (more on them tomorrow). It was quiet, the only sound was that of the quacking of the ducks and the song of birds.

I walked, or rather I should say I ambled for almost 2 hours, stopping at times to stand and look up into the bare branches of the trees to find out where the bird that was calling was, or to watch the antics of the swans and geese. And all during that time I didn`t see another person! I seemed to have the whole place to myself. It was a real treat.

It was so great to feel at one with nature, and to have time to think, and I came home feeling so much better for my "stolen" afternoon away from home.

[And, if you want to know where I was look here]

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