Saturday, February 10, 2007

Give away sign?

Walking the same six streets of our town on my way to and from work each day, so am quite familiar with them, and mostly notice if there is anything different about them, like a house newly painted etc..

On Monday of this week, as I was striding out to work in the morning I spotted that each house had a large yellow item on its door step. Obviously they had been delivered early before anyone was up, (I do go to work early). At lunch time some of them had disappeared but many still remained, so I assumed that the residents hadn`t been outside their front door and seen them sitting there. When I wandered home at tea-time there were still a lot of these big vivid yellow items leaning against front doors of the houses as I passed.

Next morning, they were still there, and so they continued to sit there all week and were still there when I came home today. Some places I know are holiday homes and maybe others have their owners away on holiday, BUT...what a give away sign to any villians wanting to break in to rob homes they must be to the fact that the house is empty.

How irresponsible of BT to deliver and leave their Yellow Pages phone books on doorsteps so obviously visible to all who pass by

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