Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Different Sunday

What shall I tell you about my day today?... I`ve done differently today to what I normally do on a Sunday in some ways.

For once, I didn`t go to the morning service. It wasn`t that any of us weren`t feeling well, or weren`t here, but just the plain fact that we didn`t want to hear the preacher. He`s a very well educated chap, no doubt, but being that he`s been into science in his working life all his services seem to be based on the stars, space and the universe, and he goes on....and on...and on, and it all goes totally beyond my understanding. It seems more fit for a lecture hall than a service of worship. To me a service of worship should be teaching on the bible, helping us to understand it and to think of the meaning on what we read there.

It was a strange experience though, staying at home this morning, I couldn`t settle to anything, it felt as if I was "playing truant". I did feel that something was missing about Sunday. Not just in the way of routine, but of a deeper need within me.

So, after lunch I set off out on my own for a walk to my favourite place, the cliff tops. It was a nice afternoon the sun was out when I left and for the time of year it wasn`t cold. All around me as I walked I could hear the sound of bird song. There were only a handful of people about, so it was very peaceful and a pleasure to be out enjoying part of this beautiful part of the country that we live in.

In the evening I went to the evening service, which was just the type of service I like the best and get the most from. It was reflective, quiet and with a very good sermon.
So the day rounded off well.

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