Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ten days left

Ten shopping days to Christmas (well, 12 if you count Sunday`s, but I don`t as I won`t encourage shops on Sundays - but that`s another story, as they say) and I`ve got a big headache. All my presents except one are bought - but, what on earth do I buy my elderly mother?

I`ve got her clothes in previous years so don`t really want to do that again unless I can find no alternative. She`s got far too many ornaments and bric-a-brac already, so anything like that is out! Because she`s getting less and less mobile I don`t think tickets or vouchers to go anywhere like the theatre or a coach outing are any good because she probably wouldn`t be able to do it.

I toyed with the idea of a laptop computer, because she`s tried using mine once or twice under my instructions and enjoyed it - but yet it`s very expensive for the amout of use I think she`d really make of it, so I don`t think that idea would work.

I must get her something - but what?? And I`ve only got a few days left to think of it and go and get it.

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Anonymous said...

How about a digital picture frame? You know the kind that you upload pictures to and they change at random.