Friday, December 08, 2006

I`d love to......

Having said (written) yesterday that I`d write today about the 10 things I`d love to do, here they are, in no particular order.

1. I`d love to be able to draw. I`ve always longed to be able to sketch things, not to be a great artist, but just to be able to do something that doesn`t look as if a 3 year old has done it. (no disrespect to any three year olds who read this!)

2. I`d love to have a family and children to call me, Mum, or Mother or Mummy.

3. Playing the piano is something I`d also love to do well. I was taught years ago to play but didn`t keep it up, and now can only barely pick out the notes one handed as I read the music to play a tune if I know how it should sound!

4. I`d love to find Tunis Cakes in the shops again at Christmas. They are one treat which I miss so much. There`s no other cake like them at all.

5. I`d love to retire. Although having said that, it`s not because I don`t like work, after all the changes and events this year its become a much better place again to work in. Its that I`d like the time to do what I want to do while I`m still young enough to do it.

6. To have more confidence in making conversation with people is another of the things I`d love to be able to do.

7. I`d love to find where I put things, without having to turn the house upside down looking for them at times!

8. I`d love to have a house, or flat to myself to live in.

9. I`d love to have stained glass windows in my house, as I adore the beauty of them, especially with the sun shining through them.

10. I`d love to be able to be free, to be me.

Well, thats ten of my "I`d love to...." Wonder what others would put as theirs?

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