Friday, December 22, 2006

Love is.....

I came across a Christmas version of Corinthians chapter 13 on Kathryn`s blog, to whet your appetite to read it all, (by following the link), here are a few lines from it, which seem to me so apt……

If I speak in the tongues of Christmas materialism and greed but have not love, I am only a tinny Christmas song or an out of tune choir.

Love is kind and lets the couple with only a few items go in front of you and your bulging shopping cart.

Love always trusts that the hiding places for presents will remain secret for another year.

Love does not delight in the commercial bandwagon but rejoices with the truth of a baby born in the stable.

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Antennae''''' said...

What I want to say is to love and to be loved.
It's the reaction between persons.
If we want to be loved by somebody, then, without doubts, we should love the others too. We cannot be selfish.