Monday, December 11, 2006

Splashing water

Walking along the road on my way back to my work place after lunch, I became aware of the sound of water falling onto the pavement. It wasn`t raining, and I looked around to try and see where it was. It sounded to be splashing quite heavily and droppping from quite a height. Must be someone`s overflow pipe I thought, yet I couldn`t see any pipes, maybe someones washing an upstairs window and its dropping down from there, but there were no window-cleaners about.

I looked up higher still, and... what did I see? A most unusual sight. Right at the top of a tall two storey building was the guttering at the edge of the roof tiles, and in the corner of that, where obviously two sides of the gutterings met making a bigger area, there sat a bird (from the distance I was down, I couldn`t tell if it was a blackbird or a starling), and it was having a great time bathing in the water in the corner of the guttering, and sending the water showering down on anyone who happened to walk below!

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