Thursday, February 03, 2005

Time or Money?

That`s the question I keep asking myself today.
What`s more valuable?

A big lesson I learnt those 13 years ago is that
one should make the most of every monent they have.
And I ask myself, am I doing that now.

I suppose I`m still reflecting on time and the speed
it seems to be passing me by.
And the way we`re all getting older.
Money, as I said the other day is essential to living,
but Time is valuable too.
It needs to be finely balanced.
Maybe I need to get the balance right.
Maybe I don`t need to go to work for so many hours.

1 comment:

Allen said...

i used to think it was that i am 49 married and with kids it is time...time to smell the roses..time to be alone(of course this is really rare for me right now) and just to think... last year i got to thinking and i quit smoking!!!! 30 yrs of puffing and i quit!!!also the price of the dumb things were going up and up so that played a hand in my decision...i also felt that if i quit i might live longer to be with my kids and family...