Friday, February 11, 2005


Following on from the thoughts that I`ve been having on “time” over the past weeks, I think now that they were leading me somewhere - and that is to whether I should make changes to my working hours.
It almost seemed a coincidence to overhear yesterday someone at work saying that the wage costs are over what they should be. Maybe that is a pointer to me to follow my feelings and thoughts.

Reading my daily devotional notes today they were about trusting God for the unknown, maybe that too is speaking to me.
Not that I`m going anywhere! Nor am I going to make major changes in what I do, but to change slightly a pattern and way of life. And to fulfil a promise I made to my Dad, which until recently I`d not consciously thought about, but which has now suddenly come back to me too.

I also came across this in some cuttings I was looking through...

God give me the strength
to change the things that need changing,
the patience to accept those which
cannot be changed,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

Is it conincidence to come across all these references to making change, I wonder?

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