Sunday, February 06, 2005

Marsh Walk

Walking along a path over the salt marshes this afternoon I became very aware of the beauty of nature all around me. It was very quiet, just a wide expanse of creeks, muddy banks, reed beds.

I caught a glimpse of a flash of yellow. I stopped to look and saw about 15 goldfinches, pecking about on the bank, then they flew a few feet along keeping together, then another bird gave what sounded like a warning cry and the goldfinches flew off together again. It was the first time I`d ever seen more than 2 or 3 together. Futher along there were a few oystercatchers wading and probing in the mud. Various calls of different birds could be heard, but to see them was a different matter!

I turned and walked back, the breeze had turned cooler now, it was quite a bracing walk.
Several skeins of geese in their traditional V formation flew overhead. Where were they going I wondered. How do they know where to go when they migrate? What makes them decide to fly and decide which one is going to be the head of the V leading the way?

Nature gives us so many questions, so much beauty, so much to thank God for.

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