Thursday, February 10, 2005

Microwaving`s a mystery

Is it only me, or are there others who just can`t cook with a microwave? Even something simple, nothing complicated!

I`ve just tried for the umpteenth time to do a simple Baked potato, and it just comes out ughh! I`ve tried longer times, shorter times, small potatoes, medium potatoes, big potatoes. Yes, I`ve pricked them first, followed all the instructions in the books, but they still come out with shrunken skins, slimy soft flesh and crispy crystals of flesh in the centres.

Where am I going wrong


Dave said...

Try 10 minutes in microvae on full power, then 40 minutes at gas 8 or 9 in the oven. The microwave just speeds up the cooking process, but you really also need the heat of the oven to give crispy skins and a proper bake through.

Dave said...

'Microvae' is, of course, the Latin for microwave, and nothing to do with a lack of coordination in my typing.

Ivy said...

Thanks, will try that. But at moment we have no kitchen, so no cooker, its being refitted and discovered more work than expected - we`re down to a shell with brick walls!