Thursday, January 27, 2005

Why do I have to work?

Alright - I know the obvious answer is I have to work for money to live.

But, as a single woman having worked continuously for over 35 years I`m beginning to question how unfair things seem to be for single people. Many other women my age, because they`re married don`t have to work, their time is their own. It wasn`t my deliberate choice to remain single its just happened that way.
So why isn`t there some provision made to enable single women if they`ve worked all their life to be able to finish work at 50 if they wish, and so have a bit of a life doing what they want, while they can enjoy it. (it would make more jobs for the unemployed too!) I know its said that people live longer now-a-days, but no one can guarantee that. My Dad died fairly early and had no real retirement, so whose to say I won`t do the same.

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Who is this Dave? said...

50 year-old men might like to retire too.