Monday, January 31, 2005

Its a Crime !

Have you ever realised how much good food gets thrown away by shops every day, just because of the date on it? When there are so many hungry people around the world, it feels to be a crime. I know that it couldn`t practically be sent out to them, but what about the homeless in this country?
Even a small shop is likely to throw away over £1000 worth a week!!. That is staggering when you stop to think how many stores in the country must be doing the same, and larger ones more than that.
Surely there is no need for dates on potatoes, vegetables and other products that one can assess for oneself if they are good to eat. And surely shops could order more realist quantites rather than bulk buying to try and get extra sales, but end up getting waste.
And to put dates on plants and flowers and then throw them away when they are still full of life, just because the date says so, seems absolutely ridiculous.

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