Monday, June 16, 2008


I`m home again, having had a wonderfully relaxing holiday. Now it`s back to - no, I`m not going to say reality - I`ll say back to routine, to not being my own person. Last week, I was ME. An adult with other adults, doing things at normal speed, going out, walking at normal speed, untied. Now, its back to being a "mother and child" feeling, somehow not a person in my own right (at home anyway, not at work, that`s different again). How I wish I`d moved out years ago and become my own person.

Last week seemed more like reality than this does. I felt more at home there than I do in my own home with my parent being here all the while. I just felt so accepted as I was.

It`s very hard to put into words exactly what I mean, and this might read as a load of senseless words, but I know what I mean!


Anonymous said...

Hmm... It seems that you (and your mom especially) would need a Dr Phil consult :D

Hang in there. God has solutions for every problem. Sometimes the answers just take their time...

Lani said...

Being a caregiver is hard work. I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday and time to just be "you".