Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Walk in the Park

Enjoying a walk round a large lake in a park today, we came across these beautiful swans with their two cygnets. The (I assume) male one on the left was very protective of his family, and as we went to go down some steps on to the path, he got up and started walking towards us, as if to say you`re not to come any further, I`ve got babies here. And, so, knowing how strong such a bird could be, we retreated and joined the path a bit further on where I managed to turn around to capture this photo after he`d settled down beside his family having seen the "danger" off.


eija said...

Oh you got the entire family! I'm still wondering where the spouse of my swan was - usually he won't go far but at the time there was no sign of him. Just the mom with seven cygnets.

But you're right - it's best to be aware of those birds. When they're mean they sure are MEAN!

Lani said...

Gorgeous. We have some trumpeter swans living in a pond near us. They are beautiful, but I usually don't get too close. ;)

lorna (see throughfaith) said...

we (DD and I) were attacked by a swan once (the male) and it was very frightening. I had no idea how powerful they are. We had to jump over a big wall to escape - luckily they can't land on land so we were safe - otherwise I think he'd have chasen us until he got us.

I complained to the waterboard (it happened on the tow path of the leeds liverpool canal and DD was only just 5) they said they could not do anything becuase all swans belong to the Queen - and DD said "she should come and get it then" :)

since then I've been extremely wary of swans with or without cygnets!