Friday, June 20, 2008

Catching up

Gosh, where has this week gone to? It`s Friday already and I`ve only found time to write one post this week. And, I`ve not had time to read many blogs either, so will catch up on them next week (hopefully) after an event I`m working for at the weekend is over.

Isn`t it strange how throughout the years, you can go weeks with no special events to work for and plan for, yet when they do come they come within weeks of each other. Bad planning I suppose you might say, but when they`re things that have to be on certain dates there`s no way of getting around it.

Still, at the moment I`m feeling quite calm about it all.

One "strange" coincidence happened this week. I was talking to some friends who were helping me with a job and seeing a name of a lady on some paperwork we were doing asked if she was the wife of a man they knew. On further discussion it turned out that she wasn`t, although she had the same hobby as the other lady.

Later that evening I had a phone call from another lady who was going to take part in the event next month for us, to say she was very sorry but she had been in hospital and been told that she mustn`t do anything. Now, at this stage I could have panicked - but on putting the phone down I recalled the conversation in the afternoon with my friends, so I rang them to ask if they could ask the lady they knew if she would like to take part. And... the result was - Yes, she would like to.

It somehow seemed as if it was "meant to be". Was it a coincidence? or what?!

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Lani said...

These kinds of "coincidences" are such a nice feeling that someone is looking out for us, huh?