Saturday, January 12, 2008


I was going to show and tell you about something new today, but that`s going to have to wait now until tomorrow, or the next day, because something very sad happened today and I feel the need to write about it.

My little canary died while we were out this afternoon. He hadn`t seemed well for a few day the other week, but then picked up and was back to his normal self. He was as lively and chirpy as usual yesterday. This morning when I got up and uncovered his cage he just sat there fluffed out and not looking well. He slept most of the morning and was asleep on his perch when we went out this afternoon. When we came back he was on his floor and had died.

The place seems so quiet, so empty somehow without him.

He wasn`t that old either, we`d had him just over 3 years. He was such a tame and clever little chap. He`d know the minute we started to get a coat on to go out that he would get a sunflower seed, which he`d take from our fingers to eat; he knew when the butcher came that he would give him one too; and when other various people came to the house he seemed to recognise them and who would give him a seed too. At dinner times, he knew that when we had our pudding he would get his tit-bit of apple or lettuce and would sit quietly while we had our first course and as soon as we put our knives and forks down would start jumping about and tweeting for his.
He loved his bath, and would ask for it by dipping his head in his drinking water then going onto his perch and shaking his feathers. He was the most intelligent canary that we`d ever had.

He was such good company, the house never felt empty with him in it. As soon as we came in and opened the door, we`d call out to him. He was only small, but he was such a big part of our lives. I`ll miss him so much.

I think there`ll be tears in the pillow tonight.


Leigh said...

I am so incredibly sorry about your bird baby. I am sending you lots of love and hugs.

Lani said...

Sorry about your little bird, Ivy. Thinking of you and your tears in the pillow last night. Hugs.

Lani said...

My aunt recently grieved over a parrot she used to watch. His name was Rippo. She has a few scars on her hand from where he pecked her, but that didn't keep her from loving him. He was a talking parrot, so when she'd come downstairs in the morning, he'd hear her and say, "Rippo real quiet. Rippo real quiet." :)

eija said...

oh I'm so sorry for you - losing a pet is always horrible :(

Ivy said...

Thanks everyone.

I LOVE YOU said...


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