Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An Early Spring

Is it spring?

It can`t be spring already, can it?

We`re still in January, but it doesn`t feel a bit like January, it hasn`t been really cold once, ok, I admit that people living here, who`ve not been brought up here, may think it`s cold being on the East coast, but there`s been no frost, hail, sleet or snow. The weather here especially these last few days has been exceptionally mild, sunny and really springlike.

The birds must be feeling it too because they`re tweeting and singing away in the trees. At Pensthorpe where I enjoyed my Sunday afternoon walk the wildfowl on the lakes were starting some of their courtship displays. It was a joy to watch.


Lani said...
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Leigh said...

They are simply adorable!!!

Lani said...

What handsome ducks. My dad is a "bird man", and I think he'd really like these. We had peacocks, quail, golden pheasants, and all kinds of exotic birds (even different kinds of rare chickens) on the farm when I was growing up.

And its spring there? We're still well below zero. But someday soon we're gonna hear birds singing in our trees, too. Can't wait.