Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fresh start

This new year, I`ve not made any resolutions (not yet, anyway), but somehow its made me want to have a clean start. Wanting to really sort all the house out, there seems so much stuff everywhere that I have the urge to tidy it all away and make a new start. So I`ve started in my office room. Papers have been flying everywhere! The shredder has been working overtime and the recycling bin has been filling up.

I`ve also decided to pick up again in doing my daily Counting my blessings blog, but again have started a fresh one instead of carrying on with the one I abandoned last year, as I felt it was becoming boring and repetitive.

I`m also changing something else for something new.... but you`ll have to wait till next week to hear about that!


Leigh said...

Please let me know your daily blessing blog address. Thanks!

Ivy said...

Leigh, its: