Friday, August 26, 2011

First Harvest

At last I`ve got my first Harvest of the year.   As I wrote in an earlier post all I`ve managed to grow this year is a really, really good crop of weeds, but yesterday my patience was rewarded and I got my first vegetables from the garden for this year......

Yes...just 4 runner beans!

but there are others forming on the plant - but I guess they`ll all be ready to eat on the week I go away on holiday - so I`ll miss out again.  


Z said...

I bet they tasted good, at any rate. You could look for the onions, if the tops have bent over they're ready to harvest and if they're left after that they will start to rot while you're on holiday.

I grew a couple of rows of potatoes this year, and Dave gave me some tomato seedlings. That's the lot!

Ivy said...

Yes, I did savour and enjoy those beans. Can`t find onion tops - the weeds are too high! I did though find 2 baby beetroot - the did have large leafy tops but not much `beet`root underneath. Still they`re cooked ready for my tea.