Monday, August 08, 2011

Earliest cooking memories

I`ve a friend staying for a few days, so I did a batch of baking on Saturday, something I`ve not done for quite a while. But I found myself really enjoying getting into it again.  I made some sultana scones, a cherry cake and an apple pie, the apple pie we had for lunch yesterday.

Eating the scones and some of the cake for tea tonight, we got round to discussing our earliest memories of getting involved with baking and cooking.   And I found myself remembering when I was very little (and that`s many, many years ago now!)  how when my Mum made pastry, she would always give me a little piece of it to roll out with my little rolling pin, then I had a tiny (I think it was a silver thimble) to use to cut out little rounds, and place on a tiny tart tin, then put a minute amount of jam in them and she would bake them.  When my Dad used to come home from work I used to give him the little tarts I`d made for his tea.   Only as I grew older did I discover that he didn`t really like jam tarts!

I wonder what any readers first memories are of cooking/baking?   



Z said...

My mother always included me in cooking. When she was preparing for a dinner party, I had the job of whipping cream. With a fork. it took ages. I had no idea that you could use a balloon whisk, let alone a Kenwood - which she possessed!

Lani said...

What a cute story. I think my Mom was too busy with us four kiddos to include us in her cooking very much. But she baked and canned and cooked a lot. I remember having a tiny bread pan just my size and her letting me have a small part of the dough. I was very proud to "spank" it right alongside her and then let it set out and grow/raise before baking. This time of year, we blanched and froze a lot of sweet corn. My Grandma always planted an acre or so... still does. I think they were doing that this past Saturday.