Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Time for sand?

For several days over the last week our pavements have been very tricky to walk on because they`ve been covered in ice, and no attempt has been made to grit or sand them.

It was great to wake up this morning and see clear pavements, no frost, no ice, no snow.

Looking out of my office window mid-morning at the street - what did I see?   Yes, a big council lorry piled up with sand and two men enthusiastically throwing shovel full after shovel full all on the clear pavements!   

Why, oh why couldn`t they have done it when the frost and ice were making the pavements trecherous,  instead of when they were safe to walk on?

1 comment:

eija said...

Hahaha... The cost-efficient city maintenance - is there such thing?

Do you know why a city worker holds on to his shovel? Because if he lets go his mittens will fall off!