Saturday, January 02, 2010

Aims for 2010

Well, the start of a new year, and I`d better review the resolutions I set myself at the start of 2009, before deciding what, if any, I`ll make to try and keep for this year.

So, what was I aiming to achieve in 2009?

  • to be more organised at home, by filing mail items as they arrive, rather than putting it to one side to do later
  • to spend more time practising playing the piano
  • to set out earlier when going to work or anywhere, instead of leaving everything till the last minute
  • to learn to sometimes say "No" instead of "Yes"
  • to write my blog each day, and to restart my "Blessings day by day" one
  • to complete the needlework picture I started 3 years ago!

Oh dear! - reading those - I think I only really achieved one - and that was to file my mail when it came instead of piling it up on the desk - well, most of the time anyway!

So what are my intentions for 2010?
  • to make more time for hobbies and things I want to do - including trying to restart my piano playing
  • to be more organised and not leave everything till the last minute
  • to write my Blog daily (or at least 4 times a week).  And, I`ve closed the Blessings day by day one and started a new one on the same lines "Giving Thanks....." which I intend to write a daily item on
  • to give more time to my Mum
  • to complete that needlework picture which is now 4 years old
  • to enjoy life!
 How successful I shall be in any of these we`ll have to wait and see!