Wednesday, October 07, 2009

False Econony?

So, the government are thinking of raising the retiring age, again, to 66.

Firstly, I wonder if this will apply fairly to ALL people and jobs - what about those civil servants, teachers etc, who seem to be able to retire at 55 or so now? Will they be made to work until they`re 66?

But, my main thinking is - if all those in work have to stay on for longer, there will be even less jobs for the young people as they leave school, college or university - so what about them?

They`ll be needing to claim all sorts of allowances for being Jobseeking, needing housing etc....etc.... So, why not let those who have done their years of work retire and have their retirement to enjoy, and make room in jobs for younger people to have their opportunity to be employed and work.

There`s only so many jobs around and so many people to be employed or not in employment. Either way the government has to pay out money to either old or young. It surely makes more sense to employ the young and let them gain skills, and give them a purpose in life?


Z said...

I suppose that if you've got a private pension that kicks in early and/or you can afford to, you can retire at whatever age you like. It's the state pension that will be paid later.

You're right of course about young people needing jobs, but there seem to be as many people who don't want to retire and complain about age discrimination as there are those who are longing to finish work. My sister, for instance, is 61 but has deferred receiving her pension as it will be worth more when she's 65. Alternatively, she could claim it now but still work. My husband is 73, takes his pension but still has his own business, because he has a specific field of expertise that no school leaver would have.

What past governments wanted us to do was have big enough pensions to fund our own retirement, knowing that the state can't keep us all, since people are living so much longer - but for various, largely state-imposed reasons, people don't think pension schemes are reliable and don't pay enough into them.

Ivy said...

Thanks for sharing some points for the other side of the issue.

There`s "fors and againsts" for everything, isn`t there? And, everyone is different.