Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It`s Chocolate Time

Do you know what this week is?

I didn`t until I was listening to the radio this morning

Iit`s National Chocolate Week.

Gosh, how could I have missed that fact?! Yet, the shops around here don`t seem to be promoting it, I wonder why not.

I like chocolate - yet, I`m not one of those people who once they open a box of chocolates or start a bar of it, have to eat the whole lot in one go. I`ll have a couple out of the box, or a couple or three squares off a bar and then put it away until the next evening. I suppose it was how I was brought up.

I remember as a child having a "Sweet Tin" in the drawer of the sideboard and just being allowed one or two out of it at a time. How different to the way children now-a-days are given the whole tube of Smarties, bag of chocolate buttons, or pack or bar of whatever it is. Mine went straight in the tin and even with Smarties or chocolate buttons, I was only given 3 or 4 at a time, or a square or two broken off a bar of chocolate and given me and the rest kept for another day. And I wasn`t allowed to help myself, I had to wait to be given them.

Wonder if other readers were brought up the same way?


Z said...

No, I wasn't restricted, but then I was hardly ever given sweets or chocolates as my mother didn't care for them. So Christmas sweets had to last, as once they were finished that was it for months.

Now, it's a funny thing - I can have a single chocolate from a box or a couple of squares, but give me a Mars bar or whatever, and I can't eat a bit of it but have to finish it. I suspect it's because it hasn't divisions. But even cutting it doesn't stop me wanting the whole bar, even though I don't much like that sweet cloyingness.

My grandchildren get their sweets rationed out in small quantities, by the way. They quite understand that they are occasional treats.

Ivy said...

Strange that you say that about Mars bars, I bought a pack of new dark chocolate ones last week, and like you, once started I ate a whole bar. Delicious with the plain chocolate on, have you seen them?

Z said...

Dark chocolate Mars bars sound gorgeous. No, I haven't seen them and they could be addictive - I must avoid!

aw, your wv is 'sings' - isn't that sweet?