Monday, May 04, 2009

The Gardening Bug!

I`ve had the gardening bug today. No, don`t worry, its not catching - or at least I don`t think it is!

Something, and I don`t know what, has rekindled my interest in growing things. Maybe it was those lemon pips which I set on Shrove Tuesday and which are growing nicely into 4 plants which started it off.

Today, starting a weeks holiday from work - but unable to go away, (more on that another day), I spent all the morning out in the garden. I`d had a gardener dig up some old shrubs last week and prepare my raised vegetable patch, so out I went with my seeds - carrots, beetroot, some onion sets, and a few lettuce seeds(for my little bird, I`m not a salad fan!), and spent a pleasurable time setting them into the soil.

Then, I set my runner bean seeds, which I`d had soaking in water since yesterday, into pots ready to grow into plants to set into the ground. But, I found I had too many seeds for the little pots so also set some in some big containers where I`ll leave them to grow. Sort of an experiment in a way to see if I get a better crop from the ground or by growing them in pots. They`re my favourite veg, so I hope to get a good harvest of them.

After getting all the eatables sown, I then set some lavendar seeds into a tray, so hopefully will get some nice plants to then go in the border. If they grow as well as they did when I grew some many years ago I may have some plants to spare if anyone fancies any Norfolk lavendar later in the year. The ones I grew from seed many,many years ago I had as plants in the garden for about 10 or 12 years until they got very woody and so I had them dug up.

I`m still always fascinated by the way in which such a tiny little thing that looks dead can come to life and produce wonderful vegetables or flowers.

Nature is so amazing.

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