Saturday, April 09, 2005

Up or Down?

Having taken the curtain down yesterday, (and washed it), I`m now reluctant to put it up again!
I like the open space I can see beside me, but yet I also feel what I suppose it must be like for a fish to be in a fish bowl(!), able to see and be seen.
So should I put it up again for the privacy it gives?
Yet, it`s nice to look out at the garden, and nice to feel the sense of a bigger room, more space.

I am a person who feels claustrophobic and can`t bear to be shut in. I hate lifts. I hate going through tunnels. I can`t sit in a middle of a row of seats, I have to sit on an end. And preferably still, near a door if there is one.

Perhaps I will leave the curtain down for now, and let the light in, and look out at nature.

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